Options trading education

On this page you can find full information about options trading and learn how to trade real options.

Many traders consider options market as an excellent addition to the classic medium-term trading with a stop loss order since options help strictly limit risks in trading and give the opportunity to enter the market when risk management doesn’t allow to do it in a classic trading. Some traders use options to improve their trading results in the long-term. On this page you’ll find options terms and definitions that appear in our articles for traders and are used in stock options trading.

Options trading differs from trading in the Forex and other financial markets. Even with experience of trading in other markets, you may face the need to learn new terminology and understand the features of the options market. To overcome this barrier faster, we placed the main option definitions in this section.

We give the valuable information for beginners about options pricing because it gives full understanding of the need to buy or sell options at a particular time in order to make most money. You’ll figure out the importance and difference between implied and historical volatility as well as the Options Greeks. You’ll learn how to apply them in different options strategies that are discussed in our articles.

To simplify the process of options market analysis, we created the straddle and strangle screener that currently generates trading ideas for different option strategies. This weekly options screener will be interesting both for beginners and experienced traders.