Trading with professionals:
CFTC reports for private traders

Trading with professionals

In comparison with private traders, large market participants have more important information on possible price movements in financial markets. Professionals express their opinion on the prospects of any asset when buying or selling it. The statistics of these market participants’ actions is priceless since it lets a private trader see how exactly the most experienced traders act in the current realities. Understanding the major players’ opinion on the market condition makes it possible to better study the logic of price movements in financial markets. This information is displayed in CFTC reports that is the basis for the course “Trading with professionals” .

Course specificity

The “Trading with professionals” course is created for traders who want to improve the quality of trades. The tools discussed in this course are good for medium-term trading, when a position is held for a week or even more, and the market entry is carried out on the H4 and Daily timeframes. The “Trading with professionals” course is a workshop on improving medium-term trading strategies.

Contents of the course

We will analyze in detail the logic of key traders and the principles of using COT net position indicator, which reflects the major players’ opinion on the market. This information can be used as an additional filter for determining market entry points, searching for points of new trends emergence and the strongest market movements. The options for integrating COT net position indicator into the trading plan are also discussed within this course. To learn more about the course content, you can refer to the lesson plan.

This course was translated into English by Aleksey Tatsitov. The materials of this course are included in a more extensive video course for traders “Trading. Successful start 2.0” (this course is available now only in Russian).

Course format

This course contains 12 video lessons with a total duration of more than 2 hours, which are available for course listeners online on our site. The standard subscription for the course lasts for 6 months. During this time, you will be able to study the course materials, as well as see all the updates and additions.

For whom this course is intended

CFTC reports provide valuable information only on the significant market movements, so the information on the course will be useful to those who trade in the medium-term on the H4 and Daily timeframes and want to better understand the causes of key movements in the financial markets. To capture the information it’s necessary to know what financial markets are and master the basic terminology.

From the author of the course

After completing the course you will be able to
  • make your trading results more predictable
  • better understand the causes of key movements in financial markets
  • improve your trading plan by including COT net position indicator into it

The author of the course is Alexander Mikhailenko. He’s a financial consultant, trader and analyst, as well as an author of training сourses on trading and investment. He has been studying financial markets since 2008 and has experience in trading various financial instruments, including Forex, stock options, futures. The author of the project for traders OptionClue.

He has been advising traders and investors, developing algorithmic trading systems and creating financial markets overviews. He has an extensive experience in cooperation with brokerage and investment companies as a trainer, analyst, trader and consultant. Degrees: computer science, business administration.