Options trading

Options trading for beginners

Options trading differs from stock and forex trading primarily because it lets you strictly fix the risks. When trading options, there is no danger of slippage, statements made by heads of world central banks, gaps and force majeure that often destroy traders’ accounts who use the leverage. In this case, you can benefit from not only the price increase or fall, but also market volatility.

Even if you don’t use options to enter the market, you can always apply them to manage your trade position in the forex or stock market. For example, you can hedge a part of floating profit using options for further participation in the market movement while protecting part of floating profit.

On our website, we analyze only real market options traded on global exchanges. Binary options have nothing to do with them. The price of real options is determined by market conditions – demand and supply. At the same time, the price of binary options is determined by the «casino», which often pretends to be a brokerage company, but, unlike real brokers, it makes money off players’ losses instead of trade commissions.

Options trading is good for traders who consciously try to control risks in each trade and at the same time are ready to invest a substantial amount in trading. If you are new to option trading, please see our options glossary to understand the basic terms. We constantly supplement and improve this section, materials are updated. On the site, you can find articles on features of options trading strategies and real options analysis for selecting promising assets based on the options screener for traders.

Screener – options strategy for traders

Information about options often changes, so the analytics of the options market can take a long time every day. To simplify the process of selecting assets that are currently interesting for trading in the market, we created an algorithm for filtering options which are interesting for trading, that we have been using for a long time and improving.

This algorithm is reflected in the indices, which let you evaluate the options potential profitability of underlying stocks and other assets. We’ve recently succeeded in implementing this algorithm in the option screener that calculates attractiveness indexes for buying or selling options based on a number of objective factors. Please read a detailed description of the screener on our site. You can use a free version of the screener for information and testing this algorithm. Paid version is updated 4 times a day and is available by subscription.