Levels - support
and resistance indicator
for Metatrader 4 and 5
Horizontal levels in traiding —
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CFTC reports for private traders

In comparison with private traders large market participants have more important information on possible price movements in financial markets. Professionals express their opinion on the prospects of any asset when buying or selling it. This information is displayed in CFTC reports that is the basis for the course “Trading with professionals”.

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Horizontal levels in trading

Support and resistance levels is the simple and universal tool. They are applicable to any actively traded markets and timeframes, they don’t lag, have been in place for decades and don’t require adjustments to historical data. This course about horizontal level is free.

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Toolsfor market analysis

Levels indicator for MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

We develop and support indicators and trading robots. Our public product is Levels – support and resistance indicator. Levels indicator has been created in order to to simplify the process of plotting support and resistance levels and zones on selected timeframes. It significantly reduces the time needed to plot them on the chart and simplifies a market analysis process.

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Position size calculation

For calculating an optimal position size fill in the form on right. You will get a size in contracts.

If the risk in each trade is determined as a percentage of the current capital, then you will not be able to destroy the trading account at all. At the same time, if the market moves in the desired direction for several trades in a row, the profit potential can grow significantly. Calculation of the position size is also as important as an entry point in the right direction or a competent determination of targets and market exit points.

Read more: Formula for calculating the position size.