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"Horizontal levels in traiding"

Support and resistance horizontal levels – online course

Support and resistance levels is the simple and universal tool. They are applicable to any actively traded markets and timeframes, they don’t lag, have been in place for decades and don’t require adjustments to historical data.

Some traders, having tried many indicators in search of a perfect system, made their trading more understandable and effective due to the use of levels alone. And it’s no surprise since all ingenious is simple. Other traders use levels as an additional tool for market analysis. After completing this course, you’ll figure out how levels can improve your trading and recognize the important role of this tool in your trading plan.

Contents of a course

This course reveals the issues needed to develop skills for applying support and resistance horizontal levels in practical trading – how to plot levels, what number of them is optimal, the properties of levels, examples in trading, etc.

For whom is this course intended

To capture the information it is necessary to know what financial markets are and master the basic terminology. The course is intended for traders who strive to improve their trading system in any financial markets.

Course format

The format of materials contains videos available online. Also for those who prefer to study the information in the text form, this course is presented in the format of articles. The total length of video material is 90 minutes. This course is free of charge and is an addition to the course “Trading. Successful start”.

The author of the course – Aleksey Tatsitov

Being a private trader since 2009, he specializes in mid-term trading. He’s a consultant and an author of training programs.

Aleksey Tatsitov