Financial market overview

Financial market weekly overview

On this page you can find articles on financial market overviews based on CFTC data, options trading overviews and other ones. Such overviews are published weekly, since they are based on CFTC data, which provide information on trades of large speculators and hedgers in their reports at the end of each trading week. We make up a trade list for the next week based on these data and current market condition (technical analysis).

This trade list represents the most valuable information, where you can find relevant breakout and pullback trading signals regarding those financial instruments where they have already been formed (an additional reliability test is cot reports, namely, the dynamics of open positions of large speculators, relative to the market movement on the Daily timeframe), as well as those assets where entry points may appear in the near future (situations when cot net position indicator has already reversed, but there is no trading signal in terms of technical analysis or when there is such signal, but large participants have not reversed yet).

Financial markets weekly overview provides information on the current condition of the most popular assets in the Forex, commodity markets and indices. The use of trade list provides a more complete picture of what’s going in the market and what may happen in the market soon and helps trade together with market participants who can influence price changes. For successful trading, you should also strictly follow risk and money management rules.

Options trading signals overview

Lately, options trading has become more popular among investors and traders primarily due to the fact that it lets fix risks rigidly and makes it possible to combine different types of options, their prices and expiration dates when using various option strategies. However, there are a lot of underlying assets traded in the market (thousands of them), and it’s just impossible for you to thoroughly analyze all these stocks in a short time on your own.

In this regard, to simplify the analysis and save time, we automate this process by creating the OptionClue option screener that generates the most promising signals to buy and sell options (straddles and strangles). It finds cheap options to buy and expensive options to sell taking into account the market condition of the underlying asset and respectively, and thereby assessing the movement potential). Based on the signals generated by the screener, we analyze the yield of investment portfolio over time. Such overviews will be published every 2-3 weeks, since option trading is medium-term oriented (from 2 weeks to 3 months).