Market overviews based on CFTC reports

Here you can find all market overviews based on CFTC data. These data are published weekly by the COT commission in the form of reports and reflect the opinion of large speculators, hedgers and also let private traders make more informed trading decisions, taking into account major participants’ outlook.

We analyze CFTC reports and COT net position indicator either on the or websites on weekends, since all required information is already available for analysis.

This information is needed for a medium-term trade list we make up for you. Here you can compare every asset in terms of technical analysis and accordingly further price movement with the opinion of large speculators that influence change in prices. After this you get the list of financial instruments with substantial profit potential and high predictability of moving in the desired direction. If major participants’ opinion doesn’t correspond to the market technical picture it may indicate lower probability of price moving in the direction you observe on the chart. But it means that the trend may change its direction soon and you will find excellent entry points at the beginning of a new trend.

When using pullback trading system in this case you can get attractive risk-reward ratio with low stop loss size and significant profit potential. This approach to trading is good for medium-term trading (includes H4 and Daily timeframes) since information is updated weekly. To succeed in trading you should also follow risk and money management rules that should be included in the trading plan.

The course «Trading with professionals» fully explains the essence of trading based on CFTC reports