Options screener

It analyzes the 400 most liquid US stocks and due to a special algorithm chooses the most relevant assets to trade. With this tool you’ll be able to effectively trade stock options and see all their advantages.


Скринер акций для торговли опционами

How the options screener works

The screener saves you time and identifies the most promising assets to trade that are currently in flats and at the same time it takes into account conditional «high cost» or «cheapness» of underlying options. These signals can be used in options trading and in classic stock trading.

Options. Trading signals of the screener are based on a simple principle – buying “cheap” options and selling “expensive” ones. It has been designed primarily to trade straddles and strangles. In fact, when the market is in a flat or triangle, we can see a strong price movement in the near future. When trading vanilla options, regardless of market direction anticipation, you can benefit from the increased volatility.

Stocks. Sigma index lets you quickly identify assets with low volatility (flats and triangles) and high volatility (trends) which helps you choose stocks which match your approach to trading.

Vanilla options features

  • Trading without stop-loss orders – even after “kicking out from the market” you can still keep your positions.
  • High profit potential with limited risks and without leverage – reward / risk ratio can be 2:1 and higher.
  • Medium-term trading – you don’t need to constantly monitor price charts since trades are opened for several weeks and more. Trade with a cool head – trading without undue haste significantly reduces trader’s emotional risks.
  • The ability to trade in the real market with relatively low capital.
  • Guarantee of safety of capital, as funds are placed in large US brokers.

Скринер акций для торговли опционами

Yield of options portfolio based on signals of the screener

Смотрите статистику доходности портфеля опционов

Changes in the yield

Статистика доходности портфеля опционов, отобранных по скринеру акций OptionClue

Скринер акций для торговли опционами

How to use the stock screener in options trading

Open an account for options trading with one of the brokers that allows to trade exactly classic stock options (note that binary options aren’t among them and aren’t traded on stock exchanges).

Open the screener and pay attention to the table «TOP-10 assets to buy options». Assets are sorted by increasing the index of attractiveness. So, the most attractive stocks to buy options can be found in assets with index of 0.25 or lower (Aplha index, or index by Fireball Screener). You can also see the sample «TOP-10 assets to sell options».

Analyze stocks identified by the screener and select those that meet your criteria for opening trades and add them to your portfolio. When buying 3-4 month options, the optimal investment period is about 3 weeks or more.


Go to the 5Greeks Website to get the screener updated every hour.